Friday, 24 April 2015

Spring sun, tree shadow

 A few days of warm spring sun. Blossom on the fruit trees, and in London parks horse chestnut leaves are just opening to their full, while other trees are still budding.

It's actually too hot today to sit in the sun, so I sit in the shade, my back to a tree.

It's only at the end of the morning I realise that my subject has not been trees or parkscape, it's been shadow.

Clissold Park - charcoal, inks 42 x 29cm

Clissold Park - charcoal 42 x 29cm


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The trees are not green (yet)

Walking around South bank with a friend on Monday we stopped a couple of times to draw - the first time was spurred by the many building cranes along the north bank. I noticed the great amount of trees along the north bank - still not green.

In doing the second view,  we were amidst the people enjoying a warm Monday afternoon after work, the buzz and activity is only possible in London. It was impossible to get anything but either water or pimms at the roof top bar we were sat at. Water it was. 
A great setting, Royal Festival Hall, London Eye, with Houses of Parliament beyond, Big Ben, Hungerford Bridge, the Thames


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Just one more ...

                                          St Mary Abchurch, Abchurch Lane EC4

This lovely little piece of Wren is tucked away in-between King William Street and Cannon Street. I can't believe I didn't want to draw it before. This church is also home to an outfit called Friends of the City Churches. Anyway, pretty it may not be but wacky it certainly is.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Let's Draw! DATE CHANGED to 25th April

Yellow marks the route of the London Marathon

The date of the next Let's Draw event is being moved to a day earlier - SATURDAY 25th APRIL - which coincidentally is also the next International Sketchcrawl date.

The reason is that the London Marathon is being run on Sunday 26th April. Although the Marathon route actually takes the runners under the area we will be (through the tunnel) there will still be lots of people around and the travel issues relating to the huge numbers of people who come to London to watch will make travel very much more challenging than usual.

The logistics problems will be much reduced on the Saturday.

PLEASE SHARE with anybody you think is coming and don't assume they have seen this or the notices in the Facebook group.

Please also go on Sunday 26th April and sketch the Marathon if you don't mind crowds and transport delays/problems!

Let's Draw in May

The next Let's Draw event will be at Kew Gardens (admission fee of £14) and the provisional date (to be confirmed) is Sunday 17th May.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Tales from the riverbank

It’s the annual Boat Race tomorrow along the Thames so it seemed a good opportunity to go and draw at some point along the route.  I chose Barnes, spending a really lovely afternoon sketching the river and some of the neighbouring buildings in a very well-heeled part of town.  When the rowers from Oxford and Cambridge pass under Barnes Bridge, they will be almost at the end of their 6.8km battle which has been taking place between the rival universities since 1829.  


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hertford Union Canal - City High Rise and Canal Boats

View of the City of London and the Hertford Union Canal from Three Colts Bridge
pen and ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine sketchbook | © Katherine Tyrrell
Here in East London, we have an awful lot of very colourful canal boats tied up along the sides of the Hertford Union and Regent Canals.

If I sit at Three Colts Bridge - between Gunmaker Lane and Victoria Park - I can also see the 'Gherkin' and 'Cheese Grater' in the City of London

However I'm practising drawing water at the moment.......

.....and Canada Geese in perspective!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Let's Draw St Paul's to the Thames - 25th April 2015

For our next London Urban Sketchers' Sketchcrawl we're got the scope to draw some big buildings and big views!

St Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
  • WHERE:  St Paul's to the Thames
  • WHEN: Sunday 26th April 2015 CHANGED TO Saturday 25th April 2015 (due to the London Marathon)
  • START: 11:00am at the top of the steps (right hand side) of the Main Entrance to St Paul's Cathedral.
  • LUNCH: 1:30pm on the Roof Terrace of One New Change (if dry; wet weather venue to be notified)
  • END: 3:30pm Paternoster Square - between St Paul's Cathedral Steps and St Paul's Tube Station (if dry; wet weather venue to be notified)
  • MAP: A map has been created in Google Maps/Drive of the area and key places
  • TUBE: Stations: St Paul's (Central Line); Blackfriars and Mansion House (District and Circle Lines)
  • RAIL: Thameslink @ London Blackfriars and City Thameslink; Cannon Street
Last time we were at St Paul's - in August 2014 - we sketched the churches of Wren's London.

London Urban Sketchers on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral
at the end of Pete Scully's Wren's Churches Sketchcrawl August 2014

On Saturday 25th April 2015, London Urban Sketchers are going to be sketching the part of the City of London around St Paul's Cathedral - down to the north bank of the Thames.
The view of where we're sketching from Tate Modern 7th floor
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Birds Eye View of the area around St Paul's Cathedral
right click and open in a new tab to see much larger version
Above is a top down view of the area - right click the image and open in a new tab to see what's there. The suggested boundaries of the area are:
  • North: Paternoster Square, the London Stock Exchange and Christchurch Greyfriars Garden
  • West: Ludgate Hill and the narrow allies between Ludgate Hill and Queen Victoria Street
  • East: One New Change - this is a brand new shopping centre which is open on Sunday from 12:00. On the Roof Terrace (accessible via the lifts) there are great views right across London plus a really up close view of the top of St Paul's Cathedral
  • South: The north bank of the River Thames and the Millennium Bridge - accessed via Peter's Hill - south of St Paul's - which has lots of views off either side of churches and alley ways.
Here's another view of the area - taken from the map near the City Information Centre across the road from the Main Entrance to St. Paul's

Map of the area around St Paul's Cathedral

What you can sketch

There's masses to choose from whatever type of sketching you like doing. Here are some suggestions

St Paul's Cathedral and Churchyard - lots of architecture from lots of different perspectives around and about. You can find great views of it from:
  • Fleet Street and the bottom of Ludgate Hill looking up to the Cathedral
"Ludgate Hill - A block in the Street" by Gustave Doré- from London, A Pilgrimage, 1872
The view caught by Doré of the view up Ludgate Hill to St Paul's Cathdral.
It's a bit different now - but you could try sketching it!
    • From Peter's Hill looking up from the Thames and the Millennium Bridge
    The view of St Paul's from Peter's Hill walking up from the Millennium Bridge
    • From the Churchyard - just looking up
    • From the Roof Terrace of One New Change - where you can get a whole new perspective on the Dome.
    I created "The Leaning Dome of St Paul's" the last time I sketched it
    from the Roof Terrace!
    You can also draw people just sitting the people sitting on the steps...

    Take a walk down Peter's Hill to the Millennium Bridge

    the view down Peter's Hill to the Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern
    On the Millennium Bridge take a look at the view east up the Thames of The Shard and bridges over the Thames and, if you're lucky, the exposed shoreline complete with timber sticking up 

    The view east from the Millennium Bridge
    - of the tidal beach, the Shard and bridge along the Thames
    Go below the Millennium Bridge and there's some great views to be had of Tate Modern. Trying to draw the Millennium Bridge is tricky from any angle!

    The view of Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge from the north bank of the River Thames
    below City of London School
    Katherine Tyrrell

    PLUS (excitement!!) we're also going to be able to sketch Shaun the Sheep ;) who is taking up residence in various guises in the City of London between now and the end of May. You'll be able to see
    • one called 'Out of this World' Shaun at the City Information Centre, (- just to the south of St Paul's Churchyard) designed by Josh and Aimee Williams
    • two more - 'Fine & Gandy' by David Gandy and 'Wolly Wiggle' by Zandra Rhodes - at One New Change

    If people are up for it we may just try a "Draw the Dome in 15 minutes Challenge" over lunch at the Roof Terrace!  You can of course just watch!

    After the Sketchcrawl

    You can add sketches to the