Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mojoless at the museum

The Geffrye's café. A5 Daler sketchbook
Sketching in the café
Today was #48th Worldwide Sketchcrawl day, so I arranged to join the Drawing London on Location group at the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton. Unfortunately, my sketching mojo didn't come too. I was ready to sketch on the train but... it was packed as the Norwich train had been offloaded onto the train I caught. I found a seat, got sketchbook and glasses out and... the man next to me proceeded to tell me all about his life as a cruise ship pianist. Arriving at the museum, it was one of those days that the scale of the building was intimidating and the gardens stunning but... nothing grabbed my attention. I decided a cup of tea was the solution, which it was as I loved the organic lamps and was lucky enough to have the people I was drawing stay as long as I sketched.

After another wander around looking at the exhibits, I chatted to a few other sketchers, then decided to head off to look for my sketching mojo elsewhere. In hindsite, I think the problem was the lack of sleep caused by the huge storm and my dog keeping me awake most of last night. Either way, I hope it is back in time for the next Urbansketchers London meeting.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sketching from above

Last Sunday Carlos Olvera and James Hobbs organized a sketching session on the 32st floor of one of the London's high rises, Citypoint. Other participants included Susanne du Toit, Jane Smith and Adam Jefford. A big thank you to everyone who made it possible and took part - it was enjoyable to sketch the London's city center from such a rare and by all means challenging viewpoint!


Thursday, 16 July 2015

London Sketchers in Oxford

Last Saturday's outing had exceptional weather in Oxford and the buzz of the place could be felt easily with tourists, graduates and families milling about.
After a hectic week (#oxfordworkshop2015) I enjoyed sketching around my favourite Radcliffe square, this time I  focused not on the central Camera (room) with its great Dome but on the surrounding buildings.
A couple of photos also of the group, first at lunch time and then at the Museum of Oxford where the Urban Sketching exhibition continues until 27th July.
Next month's sketchcrawl details will be published shortly - back in central London - Katherine Tyrrell will lead that one.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Old pubs of Soho and St.Martin's

Last month I came back to London for a brief visit and set about sketching the streets of Soho. If I had the chance, I would draw all of Soho, every inch, and then I'd draw it again because it will probably have changed. It is nice to see that in this time of demolition and urban refurbishment (and the apparent culling of old pubs) that much still remains the same as ever. Above is Greek Street, drawn from the corner of Romilly Street, with the Prince's Theatre and the Palace Theatre bookending the scene. You may want to click on the image to see it in closer detail. On the left page you can see the timber-framed loveliness of the Three Greyhounds pub, on the corner of Old Compton, whose name references the old hunting grounds upon which Soho is built. The blue building in the middle is the old Maison Bertaux, a French patisserie which has served tea and cakes since 1871. On the corner is the Coach and Horses pub, also known as ‘Norman’s’ (after the infamous long-standing landlord Norman Balon, who claimed to be the rudest landlord in London). This pub has a good claim to being Soho’s most famous, a haunt of well known writers and actors such as Peter O’Toole, Jeffrey Barnard (he of ‘Unwell’ fame), it’s about as Proper an old Soho Drinker as it’s possible to get.
The Ship (interior)
My favourite Soho pub though is the Ship. I don't know what the criteria for it being my favourite is other than it's in a good Wardour Street location (nearby to the old now-closed Intrepid Fox), I used to come here a lot, it had a lot of rockers in the past and it generally doesn't change. Well, the interior this time has been cleaned up considerably and it looks a lot shinier, but essentially it is the same old Ship and I love it. Had many a fun evening here in the past. I came in here after taking my mum to afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason. I've sketched it before (see below); back in 2009 I sat outside on a freezing cold day to capture this old Soho landmark, and I had to use three different Micron pens to draw it because the ink kept choking up in the cold. I ended up coming in for a pint and some chips to warm up, and just put my pencil case on the radiator to bring the pens back to life. London is a lot colder than California...
the ship, soho
This last one isn't technically in Soho but it's not far away, on St.Martin's Lane. This is the Salisbury, a pub which dates from 1898 (actually it’s much older, and was previously called the Coach and Horses, obviously a popular pub name in these parts). The name refers to the Earls / Marquises of Salisbury, landowners in this manor, the first of whom was Robert Cecil (Cecil Court is around the corner) who was a political bigwig in Elizabethan times. Right, enough history. This pub is in the heart of Theatreland, and has long been associated with actors, though theatre-going tourists flock here too for its authentic interior. After doing the inkwork and some of the wash, I popped in for a pint and to add a little bit more paint. I chatted to an old Irish builder nursing his Guinness while I painted, while groups of tourists perused their maps.Salisbury pub
I stood next to the now boarded-up and under-redevelopment location of the Angel and Crown, right opposite. I had sketched that pub before back in 2008, on a rainy day in May (see below). I remember being so pleased to sketch in the rain, something we really don't see in Davis any more. I'll need to sketch it again when it reopens, whatever it turns out to be...
angel & crown


Monday, 13 July 2015

Recycled interior

There have been lots of Arts Festivals in my part of South East London recently and I’ve been lucky to have taken part in some.  For the past two weekends I’ve had some sketches on display at a bistro in Sydenham which gave me the opportunity to do some drawing there too.

The interior design was quite fascinating as all the fixtures and fittings were recycled and put together in collections for maximum impact.  I hardly drew any people!

I did try to sketch one of the performers who did some improvised jazz tap dancing on one of the afternoons.  I had a go at doing a very simple animation of the sketches using ‘Vine’ to capture each of the images, adding clapping to try and get the feel of the tap sounds.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saturday 11th July 2015 - Day trip - Let's Draw Oxford

Sketch by Isabel Carmona - Radcliffe Square - Oxford
WHAT - Day Trip and Sketchcrawl
WHERE - Oxford
WHEN - Saturday 11th July 2015
START - 11 am  - meet at entrance of the Museum of Oxford with Oxford sketchers and Oxford Workshop participants.
LUNCH - 1 to 1:30 m - meet outside St Mary's café in Radcliffe square.
END - 3:30 to 4 pm - back at the Museum of Oxford, inside, at the gallery by the Café to share sketches. Oxford workshop exhibition is on show.
AFTERS - 4:30 onwards - at the Head of River pub for further sharing of sketches, chatting and even some more drawing.
TRAVEL - from London there are regular trains and coaches - see the map below with details of stops in Oxford and links to the various websites.
MAPOxford Sketchcrawl Map Link includes start/lunch/finish/afters/places of interest information.
ORGANISER - Isabel Carmona - leave message here or on facebook page with any queries
PLACES OF INTEREST - indicated in map with links, include Oxford Covered Market, Christ Church Meadow, High Street and colleges, Radcliffe Square, Sheldonian Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museums and much more. 

Oxford sketchers and participants and instructors of the Oxford USK workshop will
l be there to make this day trip outing the most enjoyable.

As always, it's free to join, you just need to bring your own sketching materials... and perhaps a hat and sun cream - let's hope it is warm.

Hope to see you all there!


Friday, 19 June 2015

sketchcrawling around Hampstead

On Saturday we had our now monthly sketchcrawl; June's location was Hampstead, North London!
Thanks to everyone who came - with each event now I seem to meet more and more new people joining us for the first or second time, which is great - apologies if I didn't get chance to speak to you all, but I hope everyone had fun. Please upload your sketches to our group on Flickr if you want to - it's always inspiring to see everyone's different styles and interpretations.

It was a somewhat grey, chilly start to the day, but the rain just about held off, and by the end there was even some sun. I ended up getting an early tea at our lunch spot - the Buttery café, and staying there to finish my drawing.

the outside area of The Buttery, at the Hampstead Museum

 After warming up inside and seeing something of what others had been drawing, I headed off to see a bit of the heath.

Hampstead is a beautiful area, not only the heath (the most famous reason for going) but the neighbourhood itself - although it doesn't feel quite so rural and far removed from London as it did in Constable's and Keats' time, it still retains something of the peaceful village atmosphere, with its genteel houses, cobbled streets and abundant greenery. So it was nice to spend time walking around admiring the streets that normally I only have time to rush along going from A to B.
Perhaps I did too much admiring and not enough drawing, as I only got 3 sketches done, but that's the problem - there's a lot to take in.

On my way back from the heath, I came across Daphne Du Maurier's house, which I'll have to come back and sketch another time, as I spent too much time looking at the Affordable Art Fair (which cost a rather unaffordable £15 to go in), and all too quickly it was time to get back for the finish.

Just some of the sketches done on the day 
Thanks to all of you that attended, and I hope to see you again soon! The next sketchcrawl will be a summer holiday! - a daytrip to Oxford, for anyone that fancies it, we'll be joining forces with the urban sketchers of Oxford as the finale of their annual workshop - keep an eye on the blog for a post from Isabel with further information; briefly - Saturday July 11th, 11am outside the Museum of Oxford. It's free to take part, as ever, but you will have to make your own way there and back I'm afraid - trains run regularly from Paddington, and there's also the "Oxford tube" coach service running from Marble Arch.
See you there!